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Booking Date & Time: {Caerphilly Session Date:192} at {Caerphilly Session Times:193}
Entrance ID: {Eden Caerphilly Booking Ref:110}

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Booking Ref# {Eden Caerphilly Booking Ref:110}
Chosen Venue {Choose Venue:182}
Booking date and Time {Caerphilly Session Date:192} at {Caerphilly Session Times:193}
Adults Booked In: {Adults booked in:37}
Children 1-4: {Children 1 - 11 Qty :41}
Children 5-15: {Children 5 - 15 Qty :222}
Children Under 1: {Children Under 1 (Free):44}
Total Seats Booked: {Total Table Seats needed:75}

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Payment Amount {Total Booking Cost:93}
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How to order food on the day

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